Organic Sintez is a manufacturer of biological products and on the basis of them introduces the technology of organic farming. We are Ukrainian company. Our technologies are based on the correct use of EM-drugs in combination with microtomes made from microelements made using technological technologies, the use of amino acids and humorous biological origin. 12.04.2018, our company was tested in the certification company "Organic Standard" and received certificates confirming that Organic Sintez LLC drugs are allowed to work in organic farming.

The goal of Organic Sintez Ltd. is to satisfy the needs of our customers in high-quality products, and in addition, highly professional advisory support. Therefore, we offer each of our clients an integrated approach:
• providing delivery of the drug to the farm;
• carrying out a detailed analysis of the soil and seeding;
• carrying out expert visits to the farm to monitor each treatment and control the development of diseases and pests;
• helping with certification in organic farming;
• helping with entering the European market for the sale of products.
We work only for the result and make every effort to maintain long-term relationships with our customers based on an understanding created on trust, honesty, transparency and responsibility for the technology and products we offer to use.

Certificates Organic Sintez