Organic Sintez became part of the all-Ukrainian record

The right to health is a fundamental human right and an integral part of our understanding of what is considered a decent life. In an international context, this right was first announced in the statutes of the World Health Organization. It has long been proven that we are what we eat.
On the eleventh of October, the fifth in a row international agro-industrial exhibition and forum on the development of farming Agroport was held in Kharkiv. As part of the promotion of organic products, the company Organic Sintez was directly involved in the creation of a giant honey cake.

It took more than forty kilograms of sour cream from Organis milk "O", twenty-four kilograms of sugar, four hundred organic chicken eggs from the company Danube Agrarius, fourteen kilograms of flour, ten kilograms of cream produced by Etnoprodukt, and of course six kilograms of organic honey from Galeks -Agro. Professional cooks of world renown were responsible for cooking honey cake.

The national culinary record was set using organic products. The result exceeded all expectations, because a completely organic honey weighing 110 kilograms was to the taste of everyone!