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Ecological drug Biogrunt Sintez for increase of a harvest

Biogrunt Sintez

The drug developed by our company as an auxiliary feed. The preparation includes a complex of microelements based on the waste of microorganisms and living bacteria of the EM preparation, allows the plant to absorb even heavy mineral compounds on a molecular basis and allows to form a high-quality and healthy harvest.

The potassium content in terms of K2O - 7580 mg / kg; manganese content in chelate. * - 279 mg / kg
copper chelate content. * 189 mg / kg; zinc chelate content. * - 498 mg / kg; Calcium chelate. * - 930 mg / kg;
magnesium content chelate. * - 85.7 mg / kg mass concentration of boron, mg / dm3 - 37.9

Liquid organic fertilizer based on biohumus extract and potassium humate, enriched with microelements in chelate form B-100, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, based on the emulsion of waste products of living microorganisms of EM-1.

Using Biogrunt Sintez:
The preparation is applied without exception on all agricultural crops, the rates and phases of application are prescribed separately for each agricultural producer, based on the agrochemical examination of the soil of the enterprise. The application rate can vary from 1-5 l / ha.

Properties and effectiveness of the biological product BIOGRUNT-SINTEZ:
- yield increase up to 50%
- improves seed germination and winter hardiness of crops
- increases stress tolerance to weather conditions
- stimulates the development of the root system
- prevents the accumulation of nitrates in products and heavy metals and radionuclides
- eliminates chlorosis, stimulates flowering and fruiting
- contributes to obtaining environmentally friendly products of high quality, suitable for
long-term storage and transportation

12 months from date of manufacture. Store in a sealed container in a dark place at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees and relative humidity of 75%.
Shake before use.

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Ecological preparates Organic Sintez

Advantages of Organic Sintez Technologies

Since 2016, we have been producing biological products of biological origin and introducing organic farming technologies on their basis.


Increase crop yields up to 60% and improve the quality indicators of the crop.

Environmental friendliness

Improvement of soil condition and fertility without the use of chemically synthesized fertilizers.

Performance improvement

High levels of mitamins and minerals. Pronounced natural aroma and taste.


No need for pesticides. Crop exports at a higher price.


We help with certification of products in organic farming.

Increase sales

We will help with entering the European market for the sale of products.


On April 12, 2018, our company was tested by the Organic Standard certification company and received certificates confirming that Organic Sintez LLC is authorized to work in organic farming.